Defend your business with the most powerful cyber attack protection package in America!

Specifically designed to address the #1 concern of the Small Business Owner: “How Will I Survive A Cyber Attack?”

  • Protects your business before AND after a Cyber Attack

  • $100,000 of SMB focused cybersecurity insurance

  • Legal and Cyber Security Resource Center

  • Legal Protections against cyber lawsuits

  • Less than $20/month

  • Peace of mind(a feeling of being safe or protected.)

61% of Cyber attacks affect companies with less than 100 employees
As much as 60% of small businesses close within 6 months of a data breach
You can Survive a Cyber Attack. Its Easy. Affordable. Effective.

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Registration automatically includes membership to the SMB ISAO.

Our $100,000 Cyber Liability Program

If you become a victim of a data breach while you are a Survive Cyber member, you are protected up to $100,000 to cover specific costs associated with the data breach.


Legal Protections

Legal safe harbor protections afforded under the 2015 Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act.


Threat Alerts

Facilitates rapid information sharing between the government and our private sector member allowing companies to block cyber threats before damaging compromises occur.


Post Attack Support

Tools and assistance to help companies after a cyber attack


Cyber Community Membership

You are enrolled in our award winning SMB focused Cyber Community with access to tools, expert guidance and information.

Membership automatically registers you in the SMB iSAO (, and award winning SMB-focused Cyber Community with access to the latest tools, expert guidance and information. SMB iSAO members receive a Seal of Approval, certifying membership status is in legal standing, and for businesses to use to demonstrate their commitment for practicing sound cybersecurity.icon

An Effective Business Protection Service Designed to help your company survive a Cyber Attack.

  • Cyber Reports and Alerts

  • Incident Response Assistance and Tools

  • Cyber Lawsuit Protections

  • Legal and Cybersecurity Resource Center

  • $100,000 Cyber Insurance Coverage against Cyber Attacks

How It Works...Easy

We have built a solution specifically designed for small and mid-sized businesses. We have made it easy, affordable and compliant.

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  • Share. Companies share detected threat indicators through our platform.
  • Track. We track all submissions in order for our clients to take advantage of the legal protection should they need them.
  • Defend. We disseminate threat alerts back to our client community in easy to understand language.
  • Collaborate. We provide a community of trust, a place to collaborate with your peers about security issues and access to a rich collection of resources.
  • Reimburse. We will reimburse many of the your data breach damages up to the limit of your plan.
  • Mitigate. Access unprecedented legal protections post breach event.

Now Available to millions nationwide on all First Data Clover customers

Survive Cyber Members are CISA Compliant!!!

Membership in Survive Cyber provides compliance with the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015 which, in addition to $100,000 of cyber breach insurance, the law provides for legal protected from:

  • Tort litigation protections.
  • State and local disclosure laws, including FOIA requests.
  • Government enforcement actions as a result of breach disclosure.
  • Disclosure of Intellectual Property and Trade Secret Information.
  • And more.


Survive Cyber is an affordable cyber risk protection platform for small and mid-sized businesses that help reduce cybersecurity vulnerabilities and minimizes the legal and financial risks associated with a breach. Members gain access to US government-backed legal protections against breach-related lawsuits and regulatory fines and timely cyber threat alerts that help reduce exposure. If you become a victim of a data breach while you are a Survive Cyber member, we will reimburse you up to $100,000 to recover from the costs of a cybersecurity event.

Survive Cyber has gone into the marketplace to identify a variety of “best-of-breed” cyber security product solutions for small and midsize businesses. Survive Cyber has performed all the necessary due diligence and integrated a suite of solutions into a compelling SMB offering. Currently this includes: threat alerts, CISA compliance, and cyber insurance.

Survive Cyber has partnered with SMB ISAO who is the preeminent and recognized leader in cyber threat information sharing for the SMB market. SMB ISAO also brings a wealth of experience, expertise and connection throughout government, law enforcement and other information sharing organizations. Survive Cyber has made the services accessible to small and mid-sized business community.

Similarly, Survive Cyber has partnered with a global insurance provider to create a tailor-made cyber insurance policy designed for the unique needs of the SMB market.

According to SC Magazine, nearly 60% of small businesses that fail within six months of being hacked. According to A study published by The Business Journals it is estimated that more than 550,000 small and mid-sized businesses shut down in 2017 because of a cyber incident.

Firms that go out of business because of a cyber-attack are feeling the effects faster than ever before. Cyber breaches may be inevitable, but the best companies limit their frequency and damage, while learning how to improve security.

Cybersecurity until recently has focused on preventing attacks. However, companies that rely too much on prevention may be caught out if they haven’t also planned what to do after their defenses have been penetrated.

Most companies do not have an incident-response plan, nor do they have a proper partner when the crisis happens. Many organizations do not recognize that breaches are inevitable.

Survive Cyber provides a combination of proactive and reactive risk mitigation strategies.

On the proactive side, Survive Cyber’s member portal provides a content rich digital resource center designed to help you understand your exposures, establish a response plan, provide employee cyber awareness training, and minimize the effects of a breach should an incident occur. The digital resource center includes:

  • Incident Roadmap: Suggested steps to take following a network or data breach.
  • News Center: Cyber risk stories, blogs, security news and industry links.
  • Learning Center: Best-practices articles and informative webinars.
  • Risk Manager Tools: Prevent a breach, or respond to one quickly if it occurs.
  • Risk Resources Directory: Quickly find external pre- and post-breach resources.

In addition, Survive Cyber provides its members with cyber threat alerts designed to improve your situational awareness. These threat alerts enables organizations to make better security decisions that enhance your defensive capabilities.

After a breach has occurred, Survive Cyber provides cyber risk protection that will minimizes the legal and financial risks associated with a breach. Survive Cyber members minimize these risks through a unique combination of legal and insurance protections. Through access to $100,000 of cyber insurance, members can protects their business from the impact of financial loss. Survive Cyber also helps you comply with the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA). CISA compliance limits companies’ liability in lawsuits that cannot be replicated in a cyber insurance product.

The nightmare has happened! You’ve taken all safeguards, maintained your security systems, met the compliance requirements and you’ve still been breached. So, what do you do now?

Now is not the time to panic.

Your first step should be to consult the “Data Security Breach Incident Response Outline” that is available though the Survive Cyber members’ portal. This downloadable “best practices” action plan will guide you through the process and ensure the correct steps are followed in order to properly investigate, remediate and minimize the consequences of a data breach. The road map covers the following phases:

  • Pre incident response planning
  • Discovery of data security breach
  • Establish Attorney-Client Privilege
  • Investigate and contain
  • Response Team Formation and Activation
  • Initial Investigation
  • Breach Notice Law – Trigger Investigation Phase
  • Breach Notice Law – Compliance Phase
  • Customer Relations and PR Efforts
  • Pre-Claim Litigation Readiness Phase
  • Claim/Litigation Defense Phase

Survive Cyber also provides members with access to free breach coach consultation. A data breach can result in litigation, financial loss, and reputational harm. If you have an actual or suspected data breach member are entitled to a free one hour post-breach event consultation with one of our approved data breach professionals.

Since many of our members do not have the technical resources or budget to manage a data breach investigation, Survive Cyber has purposely embedded cyber insurance coverage as a means to access budget and resources to help deal with the costs associated with a breach, and comply with the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA). Member who suspect they had been a victim of a cybersecurity breach while a member of Survive Cyber can access up to $100,000 of the cybersecurity insurance.

This comprehensive insurance program protects your business from the impact of financial loss if your protected data is compromised, hacked, or stolen and covers members from:

  • Liability arising from accidental release, unauthorized disclosure, theft, or loss of protected personal information.
  • Regulatory defense, fines and penalties.
  • Crisis management and fraud prevention expenses, including voluntary notification; credit or identity monitoring and ID Theft insurance services.
  • Extortion expense and loss cover.

Cyber risk has two primary components: legal exposure and technology risk. Unfortunately, many companies or their technology-trained consultants either fail to consider or minimize the potential legal exposure associated with a cyber incident (i.e., governmental investigations and fines, civil litigation and the discovery process, and loss of goodwill).

The 2015 Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) act encourage information sharing with the government in exchange for some powerful legal protections not found in traditional cyber insurance products.

Survive Cyber views compliance with the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) Act as a valuable component of a cyber insurance and risk mitigation plan. In exchange for sharing threat data through Survive Cyber, CISA provides unique and powerful legal protections not available from traditional cyber insurance products.

These safe harbor protections include:

  • Tort litigation protections (i.e. lawsuits).
  • State and local disclosure laws, including FOIA requests.
  • Government enforcement actions because of breach disclosure.
  • Disclosure of Intellectual Property and Trade Secret Information.

All information shared is tracked within our system in order to provide an audited record of CISA compliance and the legal protections built into the law. Through its reporting mechanisms and policies and procedures for protecting a member’s identification, Survive Cyber is the ONLY cyber product offering compliance with CISA for small and midsize businesses (SMB)!

Survive Cyber notifies members of cyber threats in three ways.

  • Curated Newsletters and Reports. Survive Cyber cybersecurity professionals analyze risks and alert members to current online security threats on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • High Priority Alerts. When a critical, time sensitive cyber threat has been identified, Survive Cyber sends its members an email alert to help shorten the respond time.
  • Portal Access. Members have access to cyber threat information through the portal. This allows an organization to more deeply consume, analyze and apply threat intelligence to protect their business.

The benefits under the Service Guarantee are provided under a Master Insurance Policy underwritten by Assurant Insurance Company. As this is only a summary, please see the actual policy for applicable terms and restrictions at