Affiliates Marketing Program

Survive Cyber is a leader in cyber threat intelligence and risk mitigation protection. Members better understand emerging cybersecurity risks and effective defenses while protecting their organizations from the devastating economic effects associated with a data breach. Survive Cyber is constantly adding innovative solutions to the platform to help consumers safeguard their data, finances and reputation.


One step enrollment process to start your affiliate partnership today.


Once enrolled, affiliates promote Survive Cyber using our optimized creative materials designed to drive customer acquistion.


Generous commission plan drives meaningful revenue.

Applying to the Survive Cyber Affiliate Program is easy and only takes a few minutes. Complete the “Become a Survive Cyber Affiliate” application and we will contact you to discuss a potential partnership.

Start Making Money Today

Why become a Survive Cyber Affiliate?

  • Our Affiliate program makes it easy to market Survive Cyber, register opportunities and onboard new customers.
  • Innovative product offering in a crowded “me to” market
  • Designed for the 25+ million underserved small and mid-sized businesses market
  • Strong sales and marketing support
  • Account Management
  • Solution expertise is not required and Survive Cyber Affiliate Program specialist will support the marketing, sales and delivery of the solution.
  • Attractive price points with recurring revenue model
  • Sophisticated affiliate tracking platform with online access to updated stats
  • Generous commission plan