Reimbursement Protection Coverage Program

A SurviveCyber membership automatically provides you with enrollment to a Cyber Insurance Program (CIP) agreement. As a Member enrolled in the Cyber Insurance Program, should you become a victim of a data breach you may be covered for certain losses in accordance with the Master Insurance Policy.

The Cyber Insurance Program is designed to provide protection to businesses for the financial liability risks (i.e., imposition of fees and expenses) resulting from a suspected or actual data breach up to $100,000.

All claims and disputes are handled solely by the Risk Purchasing Group (RPG) policy. All insurance related matters including, but not limited to, claims and disputes are handled solely by the Risk Purchasing Group (RPG) policy. By law, SMB ISAO cannot be involved in your insurance coverage through the Cyber Insurance Program.

Your benefits will be subject to all of the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the RPG coverage plan, even if they are not mentioned in SMB ISAO marketing materials or this agreement. Your entitlement to benefits under the Master Policy will terminate upon termination of your enrollment in any SMB ISAO Membership Program.

This is a brief description of coverage. It is NOT a legal contract. The actual policy with endorsements should be reviewed for specific terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions that will govern in the event of loss. A complete copy of the Master Policy at

For any other questions about the cyber liability program ad its specific coverages, please call 888-747-8220.