Partner Program

Becoming a Partner with Survive Cyber provides your company with access to a critical section of the economy that is heavily deprived of cybersecurity solutions. With hundreds and thousands of members anticipated to join in the next year, your products and services can be exposed to an audience of entrepreneurs and business owners that are seeking solutions to their cybersecurity needs.


The Survive Cyber Partner Program is focused on identifying Partners whose products and services demonstrate a commitment or value to the small business community. The intent is to identify technologies that, through discounted pricing or innovative business models can improve the cybersecurity status of the small business owner. The Survive Cyber Partner Program has two segments:

  • Cybersecurity Services and Products – those companies that have small business focused cybersecurity products and services they wish to sell into the Survive Cyber community.
  • Survive Cyber Resellers – those companies that desire to resell Survive Cyber memberships to their networks, organizations or communities.


The Survive Cyber Partner Program is restricted to those vendors that have solutions that meet the small business owner’s cybersecurity needs and desire, through technology and pricing, to improve the cybersecurity of this critical segment of the U.S. economy. Applicants will be measured on the impact of their technology or service using several metrics:

  • Time in the industry (experience)
  • Small Business oriented technologies
  • Pricing (either through discounted pricing for Survive Cyber members or organic lower pricing models)
  • Demonstrated value to the small business (historical data or demonstrated value to Survive Cyber for new technologies)


Once approved, Survive Cyber Partners will provide a coupon code for Survive Cyber members that will be displayed on the Survive Cyber Member Portal. Members will be able to search for products and services on the member portal. Resellers will not be able to advertise themselves on the member portal unless they offer services outside of Survive Cyber membership.